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We break international barriers and help businesses soft-land in Latin America

LatAm TrampoLine arose from the demand of business owners seeking assistance in expanding into Latin America. It's a business crafted by founders to help founders. With a deep understanding of the region's nuances and complexities, we provide end-to-end support to help your business expand. We can advise you but we are also happy to use our local network to run MVPs or even launch the business for you and hire your local team. That's why we claim to be a hands-on consultancy.  

Latin America Expansion

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Your journey to Latin America starts here!
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Our Services

Our Services

We help you each step of your international expansion

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Business Feasibility

Does it make sense to expand?

Market Research

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Regulatory and Compliance Check

Infrastructure Check

Taxes & Pricing Study

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Go-to-Market Strategy

What is the best way to expand?

Product Assessment

Early Adopters Mapping

Value Proposition

Marketing Strategy

Sales Strategy
Rel Gov Plan

Logistic Planning

Team Planning


Launching KPIs

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Operations Launch

Can you help me starting operations?

Launch Timeline

Local Incorporation

Team Hiring
Product Launch
Growth & Marketing

Suppliers Hiring
VC Networking

Custom Made Solution

At Latam Trampoline, we understand that every client has unique needs, which is why we take a customizable approach to ensure that we exceed expectations and achieve outstanding results.

Meet your expansion lead


Amanda Martins

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Founder and CEO

Born in Brazil with 15 years of experience in product launching and operations setup, Amanda has spearheaded product launches for prominent brands such as Bacardi and PlayStation and was part of the Uber operations launching team. Additionally, she has led innovation teams at a LatAm level for Uber, and successfully launched Livela, a video-commerce marketplace in Brazil. Her extensive international experience working and living in multiple countries, including the US, UK, India, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, has given her valuable insights and a global perspective.

Local Network of Experts

All subject matter specialists in our network (lawyers, tax advisors, designers, researchers, ops, marketers, translators) have experience with launching operations and are hired or consulted on a demand basis. This flexible structure allows us to hire the team that will match the project the most at an efficient cost.

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